Geopark Bischofshofen

Der Erz der Alpen UNESCO Global Geopark – ein einzigartiges Gebiet mit landschaftlichen und geologischen Besonderheiten – aufbereitet für eine interessante Entdeckungsreise durch die 4 Hauptorte: Bischofshofen, Mühlbach, St. Veit & Hüttau.

Because where today the "Hochkönigs-Winterreich" is enthroned, the crowds cheer the best ski jumpers every year on "Epiphany" or look for relaxation in the untouched nature on the "sun terrace", people were once busy looking for natural resources deep in the mountains . The UNESCO Geopark "Ore of the Alps" conveys a variety of GEO, nature, culture, wellness, cuisine and experiences. Immerse yourself in the fascinating "world of colored ores" in a unique geopark in the heart of the Alps, in Salzburg's Pongau. The Geopark presents geological peculiarities and contributes significantly to the awareness of the importance, value and conservation for posterity.

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