Visitor Center

The Visitor Center The visitor center at the Bischofshofener Schanzengelände is the central starting point of the Ore of the Alps UNESCO Global Geopark and was implemented as a joint project funded by INTERREG with the Mammut Museum Siegsdorf. The participating locations present themselves in a joint exhibition with original facilities relating to ore mining, making the topic an extraordinary and "understandable" experience. The new visitor center in the ski jumping area of Bischofshofen already proves that history does not have to be boring. Right next to the world-famous Paul Ausserleitner ski jump and attached to the original Österreichhaus of the Winter Olympics 2006, visitors can expect an exciting overview of the entire Geopark with all its attractions such as geo sites, mines, exhibition tunnels and museums. Annual special exhibitions complete the offer!
Öffnungszeiten: Mai – Oktober

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